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Riding Academy

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Welcome to the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy®

Whether you're a two-wheeled novice or a seasoned road veteran, we can help you take the ride of your life.

Combining the time-tested curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® with the passion of Harley-Davidson®, the Riding Academy® new rider course offers hands-on instruction and real road experience that can teach you the skills you need to get the most out of riding.

New Rider Course

A proven blend of classroom instruction and range riding, the Harlay-Davidson® Riding Academy® new rider course delivers the basics of motorcycle operation in Harley-Davidson® style. You will learn from devoted instructors certified by both the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) and Harley-Davidson® to create a relaxed, supportive environment that fosters camaraderie and confidence. And after passing a written and riding skills evaluation, you'll receive an MSF RiderCourseSM completion card and Wisconsin waiver that will exempt you from the riding portion of the motorcycle license test (in Wisconsin), as well as possibly qualify you for discounts on insurance. But more than that, you'll begin a journey that lasts a lifetime.

Learn to Ride at Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson

In 2013, Suburban Motors H-D® piloted the Motorcycle Safety Foundations's new Basic Rider Course consisting of greatly improved riding exercises and a Classroom that explores areas previously left out due to time constraints. To accomodate this, a 3 hour online eCourse is required taken from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation®'s web site. A coupon is provided for you as part of your course fees.

A feature of the new curriculum is that there is no written test as part of the 4 day curriculum. Written test requirements are done through short quizes during the eCourse which greatly reduces classroom stress and allows you a self paced, relaxed method of completing the Wisconsin written test requirement.


To take a course you will need:

  • To know how to ride a bicycle.
  • A valid automobile driver's license, learner's permit, or similar valid ID.
  • Jeans, sturdy over-the-ankle boots or shoes, full-fingered motorcycle gloves, a heavy long-sleeved shirt or jacket and protective eyewear.
  • A 3/4 or full face helmet that meets DOT specifications


Experience the NEW Street 500 in our training fleet. This motorcycle is comfortable and user friendly for the new rider,

Learn to Ride at Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson

Course Fee (now includes the online course fee).

Course fees are $349.00 payable by credit card, cash or check. Payment is required at the time of booking to lock in your slot (fees and deposits are non-refundable unless we can fill the slot). Course fees now include a coupon (a $20 value) for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's online "eCourse" which is course requirement. This online class mist be completed NO EARLIER than 30 days prior to beginning the classroom session (so the information is fresh in your mind). This coupon number will be provided once your deposit has been received (but usually not more than 10 days prior to your class). Feel free to call for details.


The course is held over 4 days, from Wednesday to Monday with Thursday and Friday off. All sessions are mandatory, so make sure the course fits into your schedule. Times are as follows:

Learn to Ride at Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson

Wednesday5:30pm - 8:30pm
Saturday7:15am -5:00pm
Sunday7:30am - 3:00pm
Monday5:30pm - 8:00pm

The Road Starts Here The Journey Never Ends

Click here to register online.

Note: If the class you want is full, feel free to register for the wait list as some slots may be available through the dealer. If no wait slots are available, the class is completely full. Full payment is due 2 weeks prior to the course beginning and is also non-refundable unless the seat can be filled.

Contact Ted or Sarah at 262-236-3886 or contact us!

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Skilled Rider Course

Currently unavailable at Suburban Motors, But feel free to contact Ted @ 262-236-3886 for area opportunities.

The Course

The skilled rider course is approximately eight hours long, held almost entirely on the range. The course can be held on either one day, or split between 2 afternoons depending on range availability.

The Course uses the proven curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) experienced rider courseSM suite, with some enhancements developed by Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts. Participants use their own motorcycles, or rentals, to enhance the following skills: control at low speeds, risk management, limited space maneuvers, cornering judgment, stopping quickly in a curve, swerving and stopping quickly, multiple curve maneuvers and surmounting objects.

Upon completion of the course, students will earn a skilled rider course pin and patch set, as well as a completion card from MSF that may assist you in getting possible discounts on insurance.


Riding Academy® skilled rider course instructors are dedicated enthusiasts who have received certification from the MSF, as well as additional training from Harley-Davidson®.

What you will need:

  • A street-ready motorcycle
  • A valid motorcycle endorsement
  • Proof of valid motorcycle insurance
  • Jeans or other sturdy pants
  • Over the ankle footwear
  • Sturdy long sleeved shirt or jacket
  • Full-fingered motorcycle gloves
  • Protective eye-wear
  • A helmet that meets U.S. DOT requirements

We are in process of seeking a new range to conduct Skilled Riders Courses, 3 wheel basic riders course and the MSF Advanced Riders Course. Feel free to call or email if you are interested in advanced training.

Call Ted at 262-236-3886 for additional information.

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